Recognition of academic and professional titles Statement of Value

The education certificates obtained in Romania and authenticated in compliance with the provision of the Hague Convention of October 5th, 1961, are recognized as such in other countries members of the Hague Convention, but for Italy an additional procedure is necessary and this can only be performed through the Consular Chancellery of the Italian Embassy in Bucharest or Timisoara having as a result the release of a document called “Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification” see specimen. This document states the local value of the study certificate (the rights deriving from the obtainment of a study document in the country where it was released) and also the lack of professional limitations for practicing.

The Embassy of Italy in Bucharest issues certificates of equivalence of qualification for the following study titles issued by the education institutions in Romania

  • 1. Certificate of passing the national tests / Capacity certificate (8 years);
  • 2. Lower Secondary Education Certificate (10 years);
  • 3. High School Graduation Certificate;
  • 4. Post-high-school Graduation Certificate / Diploma;
  • 5. University College Graduation Certificate;
  • 6. University High Education Diploma ;
  • 7. Bachelor’s Degree;
  • 8. Master’s Degree

Documents required for the obtainment of the certificate of equivalence of qualification for the Romanian citizens:
A. Request form of the “Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification”, fully filled in and signed.
B. The original study document. The study documents referring to the obligatory education, professional studies, secondary school, high school and post-high school will have to be approved by the Territorial School Inspectorate. The university and post-university study documents will have to be approved by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport. The study documents will have enclosed the transcript of grades for the obligatory education and the transcript of records for the university.
C. The certificate of confirmation “Certificate” of the school or university that released the study document, bearing the stamp, signature and issue date. This document should demonstrate the effective obtainment of the study document, the duration, the typology (secondary school, high school, vocational, university, post-university studies), course type (regular, daily, night classes, distance education), the grade achieved at the final exams and the grading system. Finally, it should be specified whether the institution that issued the study document is public or private and, in this case, the accreditation law should be specified.
D. In case there are changes of the first or last name, the civil status documents will be produced (birth, marriage, divorce) where the change of the first or last name is mentioned.
E. Photocopy of the applicant’s valid ID.
The documents mentioned under letter B must be submitted in original + authenticated copy, accompanied by their translations in Italian, in person, by the concerned person, or by a delegated person of his trust. The photocopy of the whole documentation must also be handed in to the consular office. All the documents must be put in a folder (file folder) having on it the personal data of the concerned person.