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Certified translations, interpreting, notarisation, apostille stamp/certificate. Certified translations from/to: english, french, italian, spanish, german, greek, russian, ukrainian, albanese, serbian, bulgarian, hungarian, czech, polish, slovakian, turkish, portuguese, hebraic, dutch, chinese, japanese.

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We provide fast, accurate, professional certified translation services, in strict compliance with the deadlines established with our clients . Our translations are 100% accurate, certified, and guaranteed to be accepted abroad.

We offer translations at the highest standards of quality and promptitude from a wide range of fields of activitiy.

The apostille stamp or apostille certificate, verifies the signature and capacity of a public official.

Validate your documents for use overseas with our professional Apostille services. From birth certificates to court orders, we translate and certify every document issued by a public authority.

We can also provide notarisation of the certified translations made by our translators.

Notarisation is the second step, after the certified translation, in which a notary will certify the translator’s signature on the document to prove that the person signing is the person named in the document as authorized translator.

Certified translations, interpreting, notarisation, apostille stamp/certificate.

Are you a young company trying to reach the top in the community market?

Or maybe …. a strong company in need of serious and trustworthy business partners?

Are you a citizen of the European Union and you want to carry out a procedure abroad?

Then you definitely need us!

Monactis offers professional translation services in over 50 languages. We provide a full suite of language services and we are specialized in legal, technical and medical translation, finance, publishing and media, IT and software etc..


What our clients say

2,394 Clients
After a 3-year collaboration we consider the quality and the promptitude of MONACTIS TRANSLATION OFFICE in IASI as very good; they deliver quality and punctual translations with a good value for money.
Irina Ciubotariu - Commercial Technical Representative, SC GLOBAL TECH SRL
Thank you for your promptitude in delivering all our orders. We hope for a future collaboration under the same terms!
Stan Andreea Elena - Economist, SC EXPERT INSTAL SRL
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