Approximate rates per page/RON
English 25 ron/page
French 25 ron/page
Spanish 25  ron/page
Greek 65 ron/page
German 40 ron/page
Italian 25 ron/page
Russian / Ukrainian 55 ron/page
Rare languages Bulgarian, Albanese, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Arabian, Hebraic, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian etc.) 60-120 ron/page
Interpreting (English, French, Italian) 150 ron/ora , Greek 250 ron/hour
Important! These rates are approximate and they do not represent a contractual obligation or of any other kind. They do not refer to the technical or medical translations, or from any specialized field; in such cases individual quotations are needed, according to the deadline, level of complexity, number of pages and the direct negotiation with the client.
The rates for the urgent translations can increase by 50 to 100%, according to the complexity of the text and the deadline.For a more accurate rate calculation according to the suggested documentation access the calculator or contact us by yahoo.mail or yahoo.messenger.