Why us?

  • Well…
  • Because we offer you the best rates for translation in Iasi – contact us and see for yourself!
    Because we can provide you all the information you need, WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE and with the highest courtesy
    Because, as you may have already seen so far, a “sworn translator” does not necessary mean a “professional translator”. Many times, the “team of sworn translators” which many of the translation agencies boast with, is only a team of freshly graduates from the Faculty of Letters without any experience or inclination in the field of translations. Our sworn translators are carefully selected in order to provide you high-quality and professional services.
Our office has a team of professional translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice, and most of them have a vast experience in translations, with much internship abroad. The quality of the translations and the compliance with the deadlines are essential to us!
It is good to know that!
Because we want our client well-informed, it is good to know that:
The sworn translation is the competent translation made by a translator who is authorized by the Ministry of Justice (in base of a Bachelor’s Degree or a translator’s certificate);
The authentication of the translation is the authentication of the signature of the sworn translator, by the notary public, in base of a signature specimen submitted by the translator in front of the notary public;
The apostil represents the recognition of the original document by the authorities of the issuing state, valid for the countries members of the Hague Conventions see the list of the countries members of the Hague Convention;
The price for a translation page is calculated based on the standard page (characters 12, font Times New Roman, 1.5 line space);
The price of a translation includes: translation, printing, delivery of translation on electronic support (except for the official documents) such as memory stick, CD, e-mail;